Even if your bathroom is small, it doesn't mean that it can't be fashionable and cozy at the same time. We advise you - how to make a boring bathroom into a comfortable place of relaxation with little effort and cost. Fashion accessories for the bathroom and a bit of creativity will come in handy.

What makes the bathroom look good and we feel good in it are definitely eye-catching accessories. However, in order for them to decorate, not disfigure them, they must be carefully and coherently matched. It doesn't have to be many either.

Fashionable color

If you are planning a bathroom metamorphosis, but only the replacement of decorations and accessories is at stake - choose a fashionable color in the bathroom!

Mustard, dark green, dirty pink, cream, gray and graphite - these are by far the most popular colors when it comes to interior design - including bathrooms! This is evident in the accessories most frequently ordered by our customers - these are the colors that dominate the orders placed by them.

EUROFIRANY TOWEL NEF 07 MUSTARD WITH 70X140 RE / GLORY / 05 / C.TU 70X140 (X3) 500 RE / DEBORA / 11 / GRA 50X90 (X6) 500 A.

The best seller on our website lmh-style.com are dark turquoise GLORY towels with a decorative silver thread! They are beautiful and come in 3 sizes: 30X50, 50X90 and typical bath towels: 70X140 cm. You can find the Glory model on our website in several popular colors, including: cream, pink, blue, dark green, amaranth, turquoise, mint.

Such a simple trick - like buying towels in a fashionable color and matching the rest of the bathroom equipment to them - is probably the easiest way to give your bathroom a new look!

Fortunately, in our store we have a whole section dedicated to bathroom equipment - we also have bathroom rugs , bathrobes, children's towels, beach towels. It is a great convenience if you want to buy bathroom accessories in one color in one place.

DY / CELIA / TURK 75X150 DY / LUCAS / MINT 50X70 DY / CHIC / K 50X70

For example, keeping to the trends, we recommend a dark green bathroom decor. This recently very fashionable color looks especially beautiful in bright bathrooms. All you have to do is buy a set of towels in this color, choose a perfectly matching bathroom rug and bathrobes - and you will immediately see the difference! The whole will be beautifully complemented by, for example, scented candles in similar colors and jewelry boxes.

           DecoKing Dressing gown SLEEPYHEAD size XXL CREAMDecoKing SLEEPYHEAD bathrobe size S DARK GRAY DecoKing SLEEPYHEAD bathrobe size XXL ORANGE

We could write endlessly about the selection of accessories and colors, but instead we invite you to see the entire offer of the www.lmh-style.com store .


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