Festive home decor

With us you will decorate your home for Christmas. Although there is still some time until Christmas, we already come to you today with a handful of inspiration for a Christmas home decor. It is worth planning it well in advance, because Christmas takes place once a year!

When it comes to Christmas, the first color that comes to our mind is of course red. Somehow we cannot imagine a home without Christmas accessories in this color! A few elements in red are enough to make it magical and cozy during the holidays . A red tablecloth on the table, beautiful decorative candles , decorative pillowcases in a festive atmosphere - everything is of course available on our website www.lmh-style.com

CHO / MERRY / LW 33X180 RED 2 CHO / MARCO / LW 33X180 JUN 2

Our hearts were especially stolen by gift socks - available in several models. You can easily match them with matching pillowcases - and a lovely Christmas set ready.


If gold is your favorite Christmas color - we assure you that on our website you will find a huge selection of gold Christmas decorations. Starting with golden Christmas tree baubles on golden candlesticks and runners.

Eurofirany Christmas figurine TAMARA 4-2 10CMx6 CEB GOLD 2 SW / B / STR / 9B 10CM SZAM 2

On the other hand, for those of our clients who prefer modern Christmas decorations in unusual colors - we highly recommend baubles, decorations and mint-colored accessories. Such mint baubles , for example, in combination with silver decorations - they will look elegant and very, very fashionable!

SW / OZD / FRED / 6 19X23CM BLUE SW / OZD / PL / 54 / B 14X9CM B 2 SW / B / PL / 27 / TUR + Z 10CM TURK + GOLD 2

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