How to take care of shoes in winter?

Winter weather and the accompanying weather conditions: snow, mud, rainfall mean that during this period we must take special care of our seasonal shoes. This is where shoe care products and modern measures to protect shoes from the harmful effects of external factors come in handy.

Well-groomed, well-groomed and clean shoes are our showcase. It is difficult to keep them in great condition when it rains and rains outside. In order to be able to enjoy your favorite shoes for more than one season, we encourage you to prepare their favorites for contact with rain and snow before the start of the fall-winter season.

First of all, protection

Shoes protected against water and frost will last longer, and in case of really rainy weather they will not get wet and will not fall apart - provided that we take care of them early. It is very important to protect your shoes from getting wet - really effective and modern means of impregnating shoes are used for this.

Suede and nubuck care kit cleaning and dyeing bama colorless    

Among the many available on the market, we recommend the impregnation spray - it is not only convenient to use, but also safe and durable. When used regularly, it creates a protective layer on the shoes and additionally cares for the shoes.

Special shoe fats protect against moisture, which additionally refresh the color of the shoes and, by penetrating into the material, make the leather shoes soft and shiny.

                                    Mink Oil Tarrago 100ml - Impregnating oil paste Tarrago premium shoe polish 50ml

Nubuck or suede shoes require much more attention. These shoes should be cleaned frequently with a shoe brush . A special rubber for cleaning suede and nubuck will also be useful . Only after proper preparation of shoes, you can reach for measures for the care of suede shoes . It is worth getting a foam for cleaning suede and nubuck , and when the shoes require more thorough renovation, also a colorful renovation that will refresh the color and mask discoloration.


                                                    Shoe cleaning sponge and applicator for bama s05 cleaning foam

Ready-made shoe care kits are becoming more and more popular - manufacturers are outdoing each other in developing new products: pastes, foams, waxes, sprays and even care oils - all these products are designed to take care of our shoes and extend their durability. At, in the GALANTERS tab, we have introduced a wide range of shoe cosmetics - proven and well-known manufacturers. Now our customers can take care of their beloved shoes while shopping for cosmetics in our online store.

                                                Suede and nubuck renovation set - foam, elastic band, coccine nano renovator black 02 Ecoleather & bycast kit coccine 5in1 eco-leather care kit


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