Moving to your own room is an important event for every child. It is worth planning this place so that the child feels safe and good in it. We suggest how to easily make the room cozy and liked by the little tenant.

Let your child choose accessories for the new room: let them choose their favorite color of curtains or a soft, fluffy rug. If you are concerned about a color disaster - choose your favorite color with your child and stick to this one tone in accessories and room decor. This does not necessarily mean that the entire room, from ceiling to floor, will be pink. All you need to do is choose decorative powder pink pillows and hang delicate pink curtains in the window .




Coziness will certainly be added by cute cotton bolls , which not only give a delicate, light light, but are also a real decoration for a child's room.

Another important thing in a children's room is a soft, warm blanket . It will be useful as a practical bedspread and during a nap. We highly recommend a microfiber blanket - it is very light and very warm, and also very pleasant to the touch.


You can easily wash it in the washing machine so it will be easy to keep clean.

Warm underfoot

To make getting out of bed more pleasant, it is enough to buy a small rug and place it next to the bed. Baby's bare feet will repay us on calmer mornings!

Such a plush rug is also an additional room decoration - by the way, it is worth remembering that children love nice and soft-to-the-touch accessories.

DY / SHAGGY / K 50X70 DY / EMILIO / MINT 75X150

Together with your child, choose your favorite photos and photo frames in which to hang them! It's a simple way to make a room even more cozy.

There must be order

A child's room is a place full of toys! Already at the furnishing stage, you need to plan the space so that it is easy to organize. Take care of a place where the child can put away toys.

For storing the smaller ones, we recommend beautiful and fashionable decorative boxes , as well as jewelry boxes that will help to keep order among girls' hair bands, clips and bands.

BOX / DONA / 01 18X18X16 B + PINK 2 DR / COLET / BOX / 01 19X19X9 B + STAL

Finally, we will only add that the beginnings when it comes to moving a child to his own room can be difficult - it cannot be hidden. So let your child associate this room well! For this to happen, spend as much time as possible with your child, especially at the beginning - because the time spent together is the most beautiful addition to a child's room that we can give our child.

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