Hakuro Set of 5 Brushes for Eye Makeup

Hakuro Set of 5 Brushes for Eye Makeup

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The set includes the basic brushes for eye makeup: > H85, h80, look, H77, H76, H70.

H70 is a brush for application of shadow to the entire eyelid. Made from natural fibers. The size of the brush: hair of 1 cm, all brush - 17.5 cm

H80, look at the brush for application of shadow in the nervous century. Also suitable for highlighting the corners of his eyes and the lower eyelid. Dimensions: pile - 1 cm, all brush - 17.5 cm

H76 - a small brush, a ball for application of eye shadow on the inner and outer area. Also suitable for allocation of refraction eyelids, or lower eyelids. Dimensions: bristle - 0.8 cm, the whole hand - 17cm

H77 - brush blendowania shadows of the hair natural. Size of brush: bristle - 1.8 cm, brush 18 cm

> H85 - eyeliner brush for the eyes and eyebrows made of synthetic hair. size of brush: bristle - 0.5 cm-0.7 cm, the whole hand - 16.2 cm




Hakuro is a Polish brand, offering professional high quality makeup brush face & eyes. Brush ideal base in the work of the makeup artists on photo shoots, makijażach wedding, evening. The brush, of course, can be a unique gift idea for miłośniczek makeup. The products of the brand Hakuro have a fine and functional wool (natural and synthetic), silver tags, black elegant handle. The manufacturer offers brush for eye makeup (application, blending, eyeliner, eyebrows) and brush for powder, blush, concealer, blush or bronzer. Makeup done by brush Hakuro will be accurate and durable.

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Hakuro Zestaw 5 Pędzli do Makijażu Oczu

Кісточкы очень хорошые!Ворс плотно набитий,не линяє і мягкий.Очень понравилась!

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