GLOV Comfort is a Bigglove to remove...
GLOV Comfort is a Bigglove to remove...
GLOV Comfort is a Bigglove to remove...

GLOV Comfort is a Bigglove to remove makeup

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GLOV Comfort is a Big Glove to remove makeup

  • the iconic glove to remove makeup from the face and eyes
  • a glove made from fibers created in micro-technology
  • the product does not cause allergies and does not irritate the skin, removes makeup and excess sebum
  • replaces 5 cosmetics: scrub, daily facial fluid gel, gel cleanser, tonic, lotion for removing makeup from the face
  • the glove is designed to remove the more powerful versions of makeup
  • the product can be used by individuals who use lenses
  • the glove is required after each use wash with soap and water

Color: Ivory

Simple and quick make-up remover with GLOV in 4 easy steps:
1. Wet GLOV abundant water. Warmer water faster rozmiękczy makeup and its removal will be more effective.
2. GLOV apply to the skin for a few seconds. Clean off your face using gentle, upward strokes.
3. Wash tub GLOV GLOV Magnet grey Cleanser or plain soap in the cube.
4. Hang to dry and be ready for reuse.


Glov is a Polish brand that has won many world markets. Innovation, a key product of the brand is the glove to remove makeup created from microfiber. The glove removes makeup with water, without the use of drugs and cosmetics for removing makeup. The product does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergies, and in addition, can be repeatedly used and cleaned. A glove allows you in a simple but innovative way, nourishes the skin every day. The brand offers Glov gloves of different sizes, and are useful in the journey.


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