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Vegan cosmetics are gaining popularity. Not tested on animals, on natural, veggie-ingredients have a growing audience. Cosmetics manufacturers are also increasingly willing to introduce vegan cosmetics into their offers. Thanks to this, the selection is growing and their availability is also greater. Contrary to appearances, the offer is quite large. It's not just vegan face cream or vegan shampoo, but even powder, lipsticks, blushes and vegan care cosmetics. Why is it worth getting interested in this type of cosmetics? First of all, because they are extremely environmentally friendly. They usually have a simple, safe composition, and no ingredients of animal origin are used for their products. So what: milk, collagen, bee pollen, propolis. To sum up - a conscious decision to use vegan cosmetics is a nod to our planet and the environment. You don't have to be vegan at all to influence your environmental protection with your purchasing decisions.

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