Fragrant Bath

The easiest way to relax at home? Of course - an aromatic bath! A fragrant session will be beneficial after a hard day, and by the way, it will do good to our skin - provided that our bathroom has cosmetics perfectly matched to its needs. Speaking of bathing, we can't imagine it without fragrant bath lotion and your favorite body wash. On the other hand, if you get bored of traditional soaps and gels, try body foam. Holders of extremely dry skin are recommended modern bath oils - very often they contain natural oils, thanks to which they moisturize and lightly oil the skin, and thus - leave the skin moisturizing effect for longer. During the bath, it is good to combine pleasant with useful and perform a careful peeling, thanks to which the skin will be smoother and better absorb the ingredients from the moisturizing lotion. Use a scented fruit scrub for this and you will fall in love with this treatment without memory.

 While relaxing in the bathtub, you can also, and even once in a while, perform a massage specially dedicated for this with a massage glove or a brush with natural bristles. Such massage accelerates circulation, firms the skin and helps in the fight against cellulite. At the end, we only need to use our favorite lotion - necessarily one with a pleasant aroma.

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