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Essence Eyebrow Designer Eyebrow Pencil 05 Soft Blonde

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Eyebrow Designer is an eyebrow pencil from Essence, with which you will create beautiful eye makeup.

Essence is a German company that was founded in 2002. and engaged in the production of cosmetic products, adapted to the needs of clients. High quality and at the same time, low prices have led to the fact that the beauty of these conquered the market, primarily heart miłośniczek makeup. Essence does not test their cosmetics on animals and ensures that the products delivered by them came from plants that perform for the benefit of animals.

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base Baza pod Cienie

The pencil is relatively hard, but makes it perfectly suitable for painting individual hairs, to fill in brows and highlight brow. Placed on the seal grzebyczek used to wyczesywania excess product, styling and modeling the eyebrows.

Color 05 Soft Blonde

essence Eyebrow Designer Kredka do Brwi 05 Soft Blonde

Capacity: 1g

The product is a new, fresh, original.


Essence is a German brand of cosmetics and makeup accessories. The products are popular mostly among teenage girls and young women. The brand guarantees product quality and provides both a low price. Cosmetics brand Essence is not tested on animals. Among the most popular products makijażowych are: pencils for styling eyebrows, mascara, racket shadows and persistent lipstick. The brand also offers a collection of gel nail lacquers in a variety of colors. Essence frequently offers its customers a new series of products, popular Trend Publications.

By on  29 July 2016 (Essence Eyebrow Designer Eyebrow Pencil 05 Soft Blonde) :

Essence Eyebrow Designer Kredka do Brwi 05 Soft Blonde

Карандашик не плохой, но очень уж светленький. Подойдёт разве что ли оооооооооочень нежной блондинке, которая вряд ли существует в природе. Попробую использовать как карандаш для глаз

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