Bania Agafia Mask for Hair Yeast 300ml

Bania Agafia Mask for Hair Yeast 300ml

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Recipe Babuszki Agafii Mask for Hair Yeast 300 ml:

  • the product is intended for hair care
  • the mask contains drożdże brown, accelerates hair growth
  • the product detangles the hair, strengthens the hair structure
  • the mask contains active components: sok birch, oil of wheat germ, funnel from hips
  • the product also contains: funnel of pine nuts, a Moldavian from the seeds of white currant, stropest spotted

Method of application: Nanosimy the mask on clean, damp hair. You need to distribute evenly along the entire length to the base of the hair. After 1-2 minutes, wash off with water.

Volume: 300 ml

Line of cosmetics "Recipes Babuszki Agafii" was created based on centuries-tested recipes of Siberian medicinal. Each of the products contains a lot of extracts and oils obtained from plants collected in a pristine and ecologically clean areas of Siberia, lake Baikal or organic crops. "The recipe Babuszki Agafii" is already a cult series of products based on original recipes Siberian zielarki Agafii Tihonownej Jermakowej.

300 ml

Brand Babuszka Agafia is primarily a cosmetics that are created from natural ingredients: plants, herbs, oils and extracts of Siberian. In their assortment you can find products for skin care face and body: scrubs, oils, gels and also hair. The most popular products of steel, however, the dental (care, herbal, strengthening) and air conditioners/hair masks created based on unique ingredients babuszki agafii. All the products you can find in the brand's assortment devoid of harmful preservatives, dyes and parabens, natural ingredients their product is a growing circle of supporters.

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