Perfectly dressed, modern man wears a suit or well-fitting, casualową jacket and the appropriate style shirt, but do not forget about supplements. As you know, the devil is in the details, so when choosing the perfect outfit for work or school, every gentleman needs to choose essential accessories such as tie, bow tie, poszetka, leather belt for trousers and wallet and bilonówka. Perfectly matched the butterfly is synonymous with a retro – wore it to the movie stars and politicians, is a great addition to the costume, but the costume. Tie will look good if we put her in a wedding suit or on an evening out. How to pick the perfect bow tie? First of all, you need to pay attention to the circumstance in which we use it. Fly, made from textile materials, frosted, coloured or tartan printy will be an interesting complement to everyday styling, these silk or cotton are ideal for large outputs. Solid color bow ties are the perfect addition to wieczorowego outfit in the style of black tie. Look best the ones in red, dark blue and black. You will find them in the online store https://lmh-style.com. When choosing the ideal fly should be guided by the convenience – perfect bow tie for men , should have a convenient zipper. In the case of selection of the flies we can handle a greater individualism than in the case of a tie. The size of the fly should be matched to the face and shirt collar. In the case of smooth shirts, you can afford great flexibility when it comes to choosing prints. Shop modern men https://lmh-style.com you will find the perfect bow tie for any occasion. The range is dominated by classic models of type "bat" - right from past the edges, but these are in the form of a butterfly. Men's fly allows you to stand out from the crowd thanks to the wide range of colors and sizes. Bow tie men's small but it has a significant role in the final result of our elegant styling. Us adds more elegance and chic. The combination cufflinks to have is a combination of perfect. Depending on the era in the history of the tie the male performed a slightly different function. The first fly was protecting the shirt from rozpinaniem used by Dutch traders. In Victorian times the bow tie appeared in opposition to often uncomfortable for a men's tie. It was very elegant and fashionable addition in the style of the aristocracy. In the nineteenth century, we are dealing with young people who have to dress cuff links and to wear a shirt under the neck. Effectively allowed to wear men's overhangs. Bow ties are excellent for this approach. Currently, the most often I use in combination with smokingiem or frakiem. Any color fly men's clothing is also very important. Standard black color will add elegance and an elegant touch to the fashionable image. Colored version flies leave so less formal events or exit. Casual and smart casual are very well received, drawing and colored flies male. Every real man should have in their wardrobe several sets of flies and cufflinks. When choosing flies for men we should remember that we have several versions of the pairing or binding of the flies. Classic fly tying this is the most elegant and speaks about a man that pays attention to details. It depends on the quality of performance and fashion and elegant design. The choice we have as I zapinaną for special fasteners. It is very convenient and quick solution for less experienced and perhaps more lazy men. Male flies with such automatic closure is also very tasteful and fashionable. A true gentleman will note, however, the difference. Make the male fly is a stylish accessory in elegant style men. Can't miss it in the wardrobe of any men. Select neckties for men from our online store https://lmh-style.com and enjoy the quality and complement to your style that will surely add a touch of elegance and chic.

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