Poszetka is in addition to the male wardrobe, which is in his jacket pocket brustaszy. Many people confuse it with butonierką, which is nothing like a keyhole with a button on his lapel. History poszetki related to convenience and functionality, which has always sought the man. Once, when there was no more handkerchiefs to care about the hygiene of the nose served as napkins wielorakiego use. The heyday of fashion has led to the fact that the handkerchiefs began to be more and more decorated and are made from the best quality fabrics. Poszetki for a long time was remaining, the location is returned only if the return to fashion of retro – apart from the flies, suspenders for trousers and hat fashion she also remembered about poszetkach. Today poszetka is a compulsory element of style is smart casual or business formal – often appears in company with the flower on butonierki, vests and niebanalnego tie or flies. Every modern man should remember a few rules of selection poszetki – the best are those made of a material such as silk, cotton or linen. Shop modern men https://lmh-style.com a wide selection poszetek in various designs and colors. Every gentleman must have in mind to print on poszetce was selected to match the color of the jacket, but also the whole styling. As well as the choice of costume, and the choice poszetki men do not mix more than three colors. Online store gentleman.pl in its proposal, except poszetek also has matching ties and bow ties that add the perfect character to any outfit. A very fashionable accessory in our creation, testifying to the confidence and good taste. A wide range of colors and designs makes that we can pick up the handkerchief in the buttonhole on our clothing in any way. The most popular are white poszetki. Universal color will fit in any combination, more or less official. When choosing poszetki, however, need to keep several rules in mind. This Supplement may not be made of the same material as our tie or bow tie. It will be good, as poszetka stop with the color other accessories. Size poszetki also needs to be well thought out. Too much or too little poszetka will not look good, however, and supplements. The materials from which it is made poszetki silk, wool, linen, cotton and microfiber. The best quality and visually they poszetki made by hand. Attention to detail and detail to the modern man is very important. In the XIX century costumes gentlemen przeobraziły very restrained and tasteful styles and models. The colors of the costumes also started to develop. This transformation, however, was to take. Before the formal three-piece suit which suit has become an icon in the fashion world, businessmen and successful people. Cheaper production of clothing was the ability of any creature in the men's stylizacjach. Elegant accessories such as tie, the fly is male and poszetka - these are elements without which we are not able to imagine a complete elegant style of men. Today we can note the mixture of styles from the official casualowym. Add a tie or jacket for a suit for every day, natural. By supplementing we Express ourselves. Select men's handkerchief in the buttonhole in the online store https://lmh-style.com. Enjoy a wide range of poszetek in a variety of colors and patterns. Questions that your stop is complete.

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