Leather and textile kidney, Sasha was a hit of the 90-ies. It was a fashion accessory in the youth outfit, but also older people decide on this practical and functional bag that can easily accommodate a wallet, phone, documents and other small items. Currently, the kidney of the male , have their big comeback. Again it is considered very fashionable and functional accessory for our styling for every day and for work. The biggest advantage of the kidneys or the so-called bags with the strap across the hips is the fact that we can choose among various styles, colors and materials from which is made the kidneys. For women the kidney may be an alternative for a small bag of transport. For men it is also a stylish accessory that can be worn several ways. The classic way of wearing this bag is a parallel placement of the pocket on the hips. A second very popular way is by wearing a sachet on the back, buttoned special clamp for mounting on the sloping Breasts. Kidney materials is a great solution for active people who value convenience and functionality. Bag does not absorb our hands that gives us a lot of additional features. Cycling, for Jogging or for a walk in the Park. The male Bud is perfect in any situation. The workmanship is of insufficient high men, and, of course, a bag like this will serve us for a long time. When we are looking for a functional accessory that does not take up much space and not heavy while wearing, you should pay attention to men's leather and fabric bags the kidneys. Shop modern men we can find also a special kidney intended for people involved in sports. The bags are made of lightweight materials, resistant to pollution, and protecting our accessories from moisture and damage. Adjustable strap allows you to customize sachets for our waistlines. This is a good alternative for men's listonoszek because of its small form and high functionality. We can have a few buds on your closet, depending on the scenario and our style. Once the buds on the belt were the same color, made of genuine leather. Today, of course, a wealth of colors and patterns is not limited. Very fashionable pattern camouflage, which gives the kidneys and our styling of a military nature. The kidney is associated primarily with sports style. In our offer you can find also more elegant buds for the elderly, who appreciate good style man. Bud will always be well together with hat, short t-shirt, bluzą and a light jacket. Select a design for the machine shop modern men

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