To safely store our money, we need an appropriate wallet. And here we must consider when choosing what is most necessary for us. If we work in cash, a wallet with compartments for banknotes and also for coins is a very good option. If we use mainly credit cards, thin wallets, or typical card covers, will be an excellent option.

The classic card case is a convenient and functional solution for men who cannot stand when their pocket is full of coin. Also in our rich assortment you can find thin wallets slim wallet, this is, first of all, high quality workmanship in the smallest details. It should be made in such a way as to occupy as little space as possible in your pocket, and even be hardly noticeable. However, typical covers are very well suited for a very demanding person. A cover for documents is not an element for storing and carrying important documents, such as job certificates. If you put on high quality workmanship and leather products, we can be sure that it will serve for many long years. When we decide to choose a leather case, you should choose genuine leather grain. This is a soft and very strong skin that can withstand destruction. This will be appreciated by people having business meetings every day. A very fashionable accessory in recent years is a coin wallet, which is small in size, but fits coins into it without problems, without a mess in pockets. It fits easily in your pocket because it is small in size. Choosing a wallet, let's see what we really need. If the traditional larger wallet, in which there are compartments for cards and coins, or thin, for cards, documents, technical passports, and in addition - a separate wallet for coins. A huge selection of such accessories can be found in the assortment of the Polish manufacturer Brodrene, high quality products puts the mark Brodrene in the forefront. It is here that you will find a wide selection, where you can easily find something for yourself, and compare it to your style. To summarize, choosing a portfolio, always focus on the functionality and high quality of materials.

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