Restoration of leather

A wide range of tools and treatments for skin recovery, which is in the range of our store is the result of years of experience of our team in the industry galanteryjnej. Professional advice and professional services associated with the purchase and restoration of the skin, is a guarantee of a successful purchase and satisfaction after a successful repair of an old boot or jacket. When using leather goods sooner or later appear on them, scratches, cracks, scuffs, stains, etc. We must remember that any product made of natural leather requires proper care and maintenance so it can serve us for many years. Whether the skin is smooth, facial, nubuck, suede or any other, will require appropriate maintenance and Your attention. In order to take care of your shoes, bag, belt, purse made of genuine leather, we will need appropriate cosmetic products for skin care. Each skin type requires different products designed for specific skin. Leather goods can serve us for a very long time staring at a new with good care these products. The store you will find products designed to care, restoration and staining of the skin, the best Polish and foreign manufacturers. We offer professional advice on choosing products for skin care, as well as the process of restoration. Also about the restoration looks while painting the skin. The color of the surface, or a radical restoration of the skin and staining requires appropriate medications. Proper selection of drugs for repair the skin of great importance and influence on the final result. The most important thing when applying products to skin is to use them to their destination. To restore the skin smooth, we cannot use funds intended for nubukowej leather or patent leather. The skin should always start with cleansing the skin from dirt and dust and also previous impregnation. For this we can use universal cleaner or cleaning fluid designed for your skin type. Products for cleaning, see cleaning the skin. After a thorough cleaning of the skin go to nourish the skin and restore it to life. In order to deeply nourish the skin we use creams, balms, oils for the skin or other treatments to make the skin look shiny. Frequently used balms and creams for the skin with pigment, to strengthen and enliven color. As well after a thorough cleaning of the skin, for example, Saphir Renomat, we can change the range of footwear with special paints for leather. Professional paint for the skin, are in the category of skin Color. To protect shoes from moisture and dirt, we may use protectory. The most popular and effective is the Tarrago nano protectorthat fully protects the skin from getting wet. The store there are a lot of drugs protective, such as Impragnol, Bama Power Protector, Coccine Antiaqua, Coccine Waterstop. All drugs are protective for the skin, are in the category of protectors are for the skin. The store offers the modern man there is a wide range of products for cleaning, painting, restoration and protection of the skin, known and respected manufacturers in the world. These products are used by professional betting updated and briefcases and handbags, as well as people who appreciate elegant and perfect appearance in every situation. High quality products for the restoration of the skin, knowledge and experience of our staff, guarantee the satisfaction and satisfaction from the purchase.

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