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Fans of the care and restoration of leather, will find here everything that wymarzą. From spot removers and cleaning agents, with paint and furniture color, finishing creams and woskach to leather. Funds that are in our offer is for both beginners and professional users. We have a rich palette of colors that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The cream provides deep nourishment and hydration of the skin, giving it natural softness. Waxes give the skin additional protection in the form of protection from moisture. The pigments contained in creams in combination with high-quality wax to cover stains, scratches, caused by use of shoes. Wos provides optimal Shine shoes. The systematic use of pastes, waxes and creams significantly prolongs the life of the Shoe. New shoes, bag or jacket in immaculate condition, which, however, deteriorates over time. The skin is covered with wrinkles, dry, loses elasticity and softness. The aging process is faster if the shoes are exposed to high humidity, and then a heavily discharged. The skin then dries very quickly and loses its beautiful appearance. To avoid this, it is necessary to use means to care for shoes and leather. Creams and waxes effectively moisturizes the skin and provide it with the necessary nutrients. Drugs such as gel or wax, very good zaimpregnują shoes, and keep its beautiful appearance for years to come. The range of products for Shoe care shop it is very rich. We managed in one place to collect products of leading Polish and foreign manufacturers of treatments for the skin. In addition to the regular pastowania, for correct skin care it is recommended the use of creams and waxes. Increase their skin elasticity and deeply nourish the skin. For some time, it is desirable to completely clear the skin the appropriate medium for the treatment. Regular use of impregnation boot footwear will make your skin more resistant to moisture and dirt. Creams and waxes are used when repairing or impregnation of shoes contribute to the fact that the surface of the skin will fade dark spots, scratches and scuffs and minor damage. With the proper cosmetics to shoes, we will enjoy perfect-looking booties to a year.

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