Fats for the skin

Special grease for leather with the waxmakes the skin elastic, gives it the necessary flexibility and increases endurance. Thanks to the regular use of tools such as waxes and oils have a significant impact on the service life of leather products. If the skin is too dry, it is much more prone to damage and cracks. The most common cause of excessive dryness of the skin is not use any impregnation and drying wet shoes on the radiator or a Hairdryer. Fats for shoesin the assortment of the store, men https://lmh-style.comensure, zaimpregnują, and to give former splendor cholewce shoes. The use of oil is also recommended for the Shoe soles. Such a well-oiled sole elasticity and will not absorb water inside the Shoe. The fats are perfect for protecting shoes and leather goods from low temperatures during the autumn-winter period. We recommend the use of fats with that of the third care. In the spring and summer no need for such frequent lubrication of shoes, so it is enough for 2-3 season use. Solution fat is invaluable under very difficult conditions of terrain and weather. Thus, its value is most highly valued by lovers of shoes, Hiking, mountain expeditions and the military. High quality fats for skin the best Polish and foreign manufacturers of cosmetics for the skin. Fats are used in the current care products, but also in the restoration and protection of Hiking shoes before severe weather conditions. Dubbiny very well proven as a protect sole the elegant shoes weekend. Fats for the skin they are very effective, so use them sparingly. The use of tools such as fats and oils can lead to skin przyciemnieniem. During the restoration of footwear, after a thorough cleaning with special tools necessary to apply a high quality grease to the skin for deep nourishment and skin regeneration. Fat restores the correct flexibility, softness and natural properties of the skin. Regular use of fat during a Shoe care and significantly extends its service life. Such care, as fats or waxes, much deeper into the skin structure to provide optimal nutrition and recovery.

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