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Patent leather, coated with polyurethane and acrylic coating, which owes its unique appearance. The most common colors with varnish finishing, and black color. However, we can find leather products in virtually any possible color. Patent leather, very delicate and sensitive to the touch. Often after using it can appear greasy stains. In places where the skin bends frequently and works it breaks itself in a specific way. Products from this type of skin requires special care funds in this category. You should not use the products for zamszy nubuck or grain leather not painted. Through the use of special pastes and creams for patent leather, greatly extend its service life and beautiful natural look. Just what every 2 weeks to sit down for a while and take care of your shoes, handbag, patent leather or other product-leather. Caring for patent leather contrary to popular belief, is neither difficult nor time. Just need the regular use of protective equipment. If the shoes are worth investing in hardwood rules for shoes. Thanks to them, your skin will always have the appropriate voltage, and the places in which the skin works when walking will stretch and the dent will be much smoother. You should use oils and special pastes and impregnation spray. All the necessary products to care for patent leather can be found in the online store

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