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Each skin type requires appropriate care and special means for impregnation. The skin is rough, with an open face, such as suede or nubuck require even more attention as your skin smooth, facial. In assortment of our shop you will find specialized tools for cleaning, dyeing and dyeing and impregnation of suede and nubuck. Nubuck leather is very vulnerable to moisture and the precipitation of rain or snow. To protect your skin and protect it from the harmful action of water and dirt requires the use of special advocates. Tools with nano-particles such as Nano Protector Tarrago, in a very fast and easy way protect Your shoes and will significantly increase their service life. Long time can look like new and with proper care they will always make the impression as if they were laid for the first time on foot. Nubukowe or suede boots more susceptible to contamination. Can form ugly grease stains, and the output of niezaimpregnowanych shoes for the shower could have ended tragically for our shoes nubukowych. Shop contemporary men you will find a special something cleanery and impregnation, due to which zabezpieczycie your shoes from moisture, dirt and oil stains. Skin rough, they are much harder to care for. Require us more time and caution when using. Output in zamszowych shoes in a rainstorm can result in tragedy. In order to protect our shoes, leather bag or other article of leather, it should be properly protected. Here we recommend for regular use Tarrago Nano Protector, which is indispensable in its action. Protects shoes from moisture, preventing the ingress of water and dirt into the skin. In addition to protection, leather type, suede or nubuck require regular maintenance. Rough skin, much faster collects dust and dirt. Therefore, you should regularly clean your skin with appropriate drugs. The most popular products for cleaning suede and nubuck foam is for cleaning. The challenges, hard dirt, you can use a special eraser for suede and nubuck. Glue it and remove the dirt from the surface of the Shoe. The main thing in its work is that it does not damage the structure of the skin. Nutrient delivery is also important. Therefore, regular use renowatorów color spray will greatly increase the service life of leather products. Degreaser in spray for suede and nubuck renew color and deeply nourishes the skin. In addition, strengthen the waterproof properties of the skin. Unlike smooth leather, suede and nubuck require cleaning. In assortment online store you will find a rich selection of special brushes for suede and nubuck. Copper ferrule brush picks up Italian leather and in addition cleans them. All the products needed to care for this skin type you will find in the category of Suede and nubuck.

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