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Each skin type requires a little different care. Other tools we will use to clean the skin rough with an open face, such as nubuck or suede, and the other for smooth grain leather with a covered face. Special foam for cleaning nubuck ensure the safety of the skin, and without damaging its surface. For local cleaning of the skin commonly used eraser for suede and nubuck. Thanks to them, you remove the stains, wet spots or dried-on chewing gum. To clean suede you can also use special brushes with metal or rubber tips. - The cleanery for grain leather is the most commonly used products for getting rid of unwanted spots and stains. The store there's also a universal cleaning fluid for any skin type. To adequately protect our shoes, they should first and foremost be clean. Salt, slush, wet, all this is very bad for the condition of the leather shoes. Thanks to the Shoe Shine, and application of appropriate cosmetics, our shoes will always look good and serve us for many years. In order to properly take over the shoeshine, you need to purchase a few necessary preparations. Absolute is based on cotton cloth or brush to clean the shoes. This cotton fabric can be used as polerkę after pastowania shoes. You need to remember that depending on the skin type, you must use the appropriate drugs for its treatment. Some products such as Tarrago Universal Cleaner, can be used for almost any skin type. However, there are tools that are designed for one skin type. Therefore, products for cleaning, you need to choose the right, so as not to damage the skin. In assortment online store there are professional tools for cleaning natural leather, textile and faux leather. Main during cleaning not to damage the skin. Therefore, during cleaning, you should be careful and not to overdo it with the used drugs. Special safety rules must be observed when using strong stain removers, which have a very intense flavor. All means for skin cleaning can be found in category cleaning of the skin and Products for skin cleaning.

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