Renowatory color

Liquid paste with pigment, nourishes the skin and gives it a rich color, as if they were just removed from store shelves. The skin is nourished and also protected from moisture. Cleaner color does not affect the breathability of the Shoe, so the foot would not be excessive sweating. Renowatory most often used for suede and nubuck. A very fast form of application by watering his shoes spray em ensures a stunning effect. After 15 minutes, after drying the shoes you can wear and walk in. Before applying renowatorów color, or a means for impregnation of leather, you should check its performance on an inconspicuous piece of skin. If the effect is achieved, you can proceed to further steps, and use the tool on the entire surface. We offer renowatorów color uses a lot of companies professionally engaged in the restoration of shoes. Buying the means to care for skin in our store, you can save a lot of money and time. Application renowatorów very simple and fast. The end result every time makes an awesome impression. Enough sprayed on the surface of the Shoe, and after 15 minutes our shoes look like new. The world's leading manufacturers of cosmetics for skin such as Saphir whether Tarrago is a guarantee of satisfaction and pleasure while caring for shoes. In the category Renowatory colors you will find products which quickly and easily help to restore Your shoes, haberdashery skórzanejczy purse to restore Shine and dazzling appearance. Renowatory colors are often used in the restoration, updating the color of the shoes, or other leather products. Each skin type requires a slightly different treatment, therefore, cannot use the same products for the skin with a smooth, polished like leather abrasive materials such as nubuck or suede. To refresh the colours zamszowych shoes will be the best cleaner alarm, or in liquid. These liquids often have special applicators through which we arrive at any, even in inaccessible places. Regardless of whether it is a drug, spray or liquid, it is necessary to pay attention to, of course, was for a specific skin type. If you follow a bad drug, the consequences of our mistakes can be irreversible. To restore color, you can also use paints or dyes. Refresh their skin color, penetrating to the deepest layers, so the color is strong and intense. Using paint, we can paint our shoes an entirely different color, but requires the use of appropriate products to download the old product. The necessary drugs can be found in category "painted skin"

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