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The Shoe can be used often, however, the recommended dosage is once a week frequent walking in your shoes. If the Shoe is subjected to high humidity, rain, very low temperatures, the paste can be applied more often, I combining with the fat and oil for the soles. Free Shoe Shine with wax, it is best products to protect shoes made of leather with smooth, polished. Such preparations are rich in natural nutrients that have a beneficial impact on the appearance and strength of the skin. The protective layer of wax protects the shoes from damage. Such a protective filter, which we get when using pasta in a constant consistency protects the shoes from scratches, przetarciami and bumps. Glitter shoes we get when polishing with pastach in wax, is preserved much longer than when using other means. The best time for Shoe cleaning is the evening, when it don't go nowhere. After applying a thin layer of paste, it is recommended to leave in the shoes overnight to dry. The longer odczekamy after applying the paste, the layer will be stronger and easier to Polish. Glitter effect will persist much longer. Shoe nubuck and suede should be much more careful. Hard skin have open pores and they are very receptive to przemakanie. It is therefore better not to go in such shoes in rainy weather. These shoes we can nurture the appropriate ratio in the form of a spray or liquid. In addition, to protect the shoes from getting wet is to apply the protectors are such as Tarrago Nano Protectorthat prevent przemakaniu Shoe through the creation of gidrokarbanatno for garment industry barrier of nano particles after which the water and mud literally roll. The drug does not affect the flow of air in the Shoe, so that our stake will not be subject to sweating. Shop offers quality products and paste for shoes the best Russian and international brands. Saphir, Tarrago, Coccine, Bama, too five fingers-these are just some of the brands that you will find in our store. Shoe cream is a key product for the care and protection of a Shoe. Due to the content of wax, paste nourish the skin, restore it and restore the natural properties. Paste cover minor injuries such as scrapes, scratches, scuffs. A wide palette of colors provides a snug fit even for rare skin colors. Thanks pastom wax-based zabezpieczysz the skin from cracking. For optimal glitter shoes, manufacturers of pastes prepared a special formula, enriched with Pro Carnauba wax. Due to this additional, the shoes can be polished to a mirror finish so-called effect of High Gloss. Each shoes requires proper care and maintenance. Depending on the type of leather which they are made, should match them to a suitable paste. The assortment of our shop you can find products for any skin type and any color.

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