Skin brushing

Most dirt and damage, you can delete multiple products. The biggest problem when cleaning of the skin is excessive dryness, and change in appearance. If it is a skin smooth, facial, cleaning is much easier and cheaper. Often enough a universal cleaning liquid for leather, in complex cases, or when damage occurs, you can also use cream for the restoration to remove blemishes and scratches. For rough skin, such as zamszy or nubuck, the most commonly used special foam for cleansing or brush for suede and nubuck. If the purifier is in the form of foam is too weak, you can use more powerful tools, such as, for example, Stain remover for suede and nubuck Saphir Omnidaim. Regular cleaning of leather products significantly affects the elongation of their service life. Leather bags in daily use tend to collect dirt, their appearance deteriorates. It is recommended that cleaning of the bag outside once a week. With such consistency, we can be sure that our leather bag will always look great and will require careful restoration and repair. Cleansing in the autumn-winter period is particularly important. It was during harsh winter conditions, leather is the most suffer from. Sleet precipitation in the form of rain and snow, low temperatures are very bad for the state of our shoes. It is very important that each time you return home, clean the shoes from salt, dirt and leave them to slow drying. It will also be necessary the use of grease for leather, pastes impregnujących and products for cleaning, such as Universal Cleanerthat will cope with a daily pollution of the skin. Our consultants will gladly help you to choose the most suitable means for the care and cleaning of the skin. A rich range of products cleaning products for natural skin, organic and textiles. The individual products have a weaker or stronger cleansing properties. So depending on needs, you should find a suitable product for cleaning the skin. Each material requires a different form of care, so the products for skin care should also be appropriately chosen. Each type of cleaner is recommended for use with a different type of leather or material. Skin care does not end, however, the cleansing of the skin. After cleansing the skin, you need to properly take care of her. The skin must be nourished, find the right color cream for the health and beauty of the colors, apply the appropriate impregnation, which protects the skin from dirt and weather. Clean and waterproof the leather always looks nice. Owing to such procedures for the care and maintenance will greatly continue the life of our shoes, leather goods, automotive upholstery, leather furniture... In the selection cleanerów we need to pay attention to the selection of appropriate products for specific skin types. In the selection of products we always offer help and advice. In case of any questions on care, maintenance and restoration of the skin, we recommend you to contact with us.

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