The color of the skin

Before staining, you need to remove all of the previously used impregnation for the skin. Depending on the type of skin should choose the paint or dye cleaner color. Most often, the paint applicators or possess a special brush for applying the paint to the shoes. After restoring color or full coloring, the shoes should be properly soaked. You can use a special finishery or protectors are for the skin. Thus, we have the shoes from dirt, and the bright and rich color last longer. The store there are paints and pigments brands such as paints Saphir, Tarrago Renowatory, too five fingers, Coccine or protectors are the BAM. Thanks to direct cooperation with manufacturers, we can offer the best prices in Poland. In case of problems with the selection of appropriate products for coloring leather, we always offer help and advice in the selection of appropriate tools. It often happens that our favorite bag, the leather place, automotive upholstery, has already a lot of damage and wear, what we think about its complete replacement. However, there is much more simple and cheap ways to deal with the problem of worn leather and wyblakłego color. Careful restoration and painting of the skin does not necessarily have to be expensive and complex. With the help of consultants of the shop for the modern man you can choose the best products for coloring the skin and its recovery. Thanks to cosmetics to natural leather, in a simple and fast way, you make distorted and przetartą the skin to the state news. Products for cleaning leather, paint and leather protection from moisture and dirt, give Your leather goods a second life and many more years will serve to impress your friends and You as I look. The store you will find all the essential products to professional painting skin restoration and full service Shoe and leather goods. Specially designed ready-made sets of products, save Your time on finding the right products. You can count on the specialists online store and enjoy the new updated bag , car or shoes, in beautiful bright colors.

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