The rules for shoes

Wooden rules protect the shoes from deformation during drying. The rules allow you to keep shoes natural shape. Cleaning or painting of shoes in prawidłach also much easier. Skin, respectively, is tight, and you can easily reach any break. Drying and airing out shoes is very important. Thanks prawidłom we guarantee proper air circulation in the Shoe and prevent the occurrence of bacteria in moist places. High grade shoes leather, requires corresponding care. Rules should be in the wardrobe of every elegant man who cares about his shoes. The best footwear can not imagine letting go of the client with high-end shoes without the appropriate hardwood of the rulesthrough which they will serve us for many years. Shoes are the calling card of every elegant man. It was after them, we can conclude that a man can care about their appearance. Unfortunately, the limitation in the paste is not enough. Shoes must be cleaned regularly, natłuszczać, apply a waterproof impregnation against moisture and brudowi. It is also very important to use a wooden mold carrier for shoes. The rules for shoes is a gadget, which, unfortunately, too rarely used by men to care for their elegant shoes. The rules for shoes help keep holewka in good condition. Fill in inside the Shoe, give them the correct form and do not allow to deform. Thanks for prawidłom wooden shoes, the leather is tight, respectively. Wood absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors, so that the shoes dries up much faster after removing him from his feet. After pastowaniu shoes, leather boot to dry, so in order not to affect the shape of the Shoe. Thanks prawidłom, shoes always retain their original shape and form them unsightly skin creases. The rules are also repair and korekcyjnie on a well-worn and old boots. Daily use mold carriers for the shoes, the shoes I'll be a better fit to the foot. Will gives the impression of a smaller size, because they are more adjacent to the foot will not be flat. Once seen strong folds of skin, they become delicate and almost imperceptible. The application of appropriate cosmetics for the skin such as pasta, fats, as well as the protective impregnation also is very important to improve the condition of our shoes. Thus, to keep our leather shoes in the best shape wooden rules is priceless.

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