Security pouch

Security pouch for documents
If you are going on a trip, in addition to collecting bags, you should make sure that the documents that we take with us are in a safe place, being at hand distance just when we need them. Placing them in a suitcase or in a small cross-body bag is a good solution, but it is best if they find their place in a small and versatile men's cross-body bag. At the airport, at the box office or hotel, having a passport bag with you, you get instant access to the necessary means of payment, or documents. Lightness and convenience are the main advantages that each passport bag should have.
Security pouch on the neck - ideal for travel and for every day
A small passport bag is also suitable for every day - you can safely hang it around your neck and hide it under your clothes, choosing to go shopping or to a business meeting. Passport bags are available in the online store made of high quality waterproof material, spacious, easily accommodate documents, payment cards, wallet and even keys. They have easy access to the inside - just flip the valve and with one movement push the slider to quickly access the necessary documents. Passport bags have an attached cord that allows them to hang freely around the neck.
Combination of men's shoulder bag with passport shoulder bag
In the online store you can choose between passport shoulder bags in various colors - from classic black to gray and red. Match men's shoulder bags to the color of your favorite men's shoulder bag and leather briefcase and enjoy a flawless, elegant look, whether you are planning a long trip or a business meeting.
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